Sculpture and Ceramics

Since the dawn of civilization, merchandise made of clay have been prized treasures, whether purposeful vessels made by artisans, architectural ornamentation and decorative tile, or maybe sculptural objects. Cultures all over the world continue forming this flexible materials.

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About the Course

Discover a visual awareness of space and form. This program is going to introduce you to techniques and processes of sculpture by engaging one to construct art using various substances that voice the point of yours of view. The ceramics focus builds on historic tasks while simultaneously introducing processes and technologies new to coax probably the greatest potential from the moderate. The ceramic and sculpture studios are actually intended to motivate both impartial work as well as effort, as well as to show off pupil work.

What are you going to learn?

You will start by working for various kinds of glazes and clays, analyzing the chemistry as well as qualities of every, consequently evolving to creating your very own. At exactly the same time, you will practice developing methods, which includes hand building, coil building, slab building, extrusion styles, and wheel throwing. You will study kiln design and building as the foundation for checking out the intricacies of glaze preparations as well as firing methods in various kinds of kilns. You will discover the interplay of surface, weight, proportion, and scale, and you will check out the development from motivation to vision to done object.
As you work developing the own unique style of yours and profile of work, you will observe your long term taking shape.

Course Content


First offering of two semester integrated studies sequence for interior design and freshman art majors; prepares pupils for job at the top levels in design and art; provides experiences handling the 5 leading system objectives (communication; proper exploration; innovative visual problem solving; exploration of techniques, materials, and tools ; and searching of the historical past, concept, and methodologies. This program features a studio component and fulfills a total of six hours per week.


Introduction to contemporary and traditional methods of making hand built ceramic fine art as well as fine craft items. Clay hand building methods such as pinch forming, slab construction, coil construction, extruding and good modeling are used to produce sculptural objects and utilitarian vessels. Pupils also learn different glazing methods, exactly how to combine their very own clay as well as glazes from dried up materials, simple studio material and equipment security, and how you can load and fire raku and electric kilns. This program features a studio component and fulfills a total of six hours per week.


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