Innovation happens everywhere. It's about people solving problems that are real. This workshop in Innovation distills vast amounts of research in psychology, sociology, marketing, strategy, and finance into a practical how-to guide for aspiring and active startup entrepreneurs and corporate innovators.

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About the Course

This workshop is going to teach you to check out the community through the lens of trouble discovery as well as problem solving. You are going to explore issues that you see in the life of yours and in the environment and evaluate the potential of theirs for entrepreneurial innovation. You are going to iterate toward solutions which are just right. As you let that happen, you are going to become an innovator.

Course Content

• Identify entrepreneurial concepts with entrepreneurial believing (entrepreneurial attitude, motivation, & behavior), seeing (industry quality, macroeconomic change, industry status, & competition) & acting (value development & chance identification).
• Create innovative internet business models to successfully develop value propositions, create and lead a well comprised team, go after great ideas which truly matter to clients, plus craft a financial model which minimizes risks and maximizing the success of yours.

• Explore the advertising of innovations by learning techniques to gather marketing research as well as customer intelligence, understanding the demand for adopting a customer orientation, and using advertising techniques to dynamic environments.
• Build financing techniques with an understanding of short term finance options, capital structures, price of capital, energy sources of entrepreneurial capital like angel investors as well as venture capitalists, and alternate sources of capital.


"Can't say enough about these guys, they are all about making sure you win the game"

Caroline Garcia