Entrepreneurship and Design

Unlike many creativity courses that focus just on idea generation as well as design courses that focus solely on refining existing suggestions, this particular program shows you a diverse set of resources within a total roadmap which takes you from trouble identification, ideation and implementation. Get Creative!

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Sophie Moore
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About the Course

The online world is changing. You must learn how to change with it, don't go against the grain. The Design and Innovation Thinking program uses an organized feature roadmap, (Define, Discover, Develop as well as Demonstrate) to determine unmet consumer needs, generate ideas to satisfy those requirements, examine probably the most promising methods and test the destruction product/process. It allows you to accomplish this within a strictly innovation context, or perhaps as being an enabler to the Lean 6 Sigma program or perhaps task.


Module 1 - Technologies of the future

Module 2  - Turning ideas into products that change the world  

Module 3  - Designing the next unicorn

Module 4 - Figuring out the right business model

Module 5  - Virtual Herothon with unique prizes

Module 6  - Fundamentals of growth and sales

Module 7 - How and when to incorporate your company

Module 8  - Everything you need to know about fundraising

Module 9  - Become a leader and identify your blind spots

Module 10 - Let’s build great teams

Module 11  - Construct the perfect business pitch

Module 12  - Pitch to investors, win Prizes & Hero Graduation

Course Content

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“Awesome Course.”

Jamie Lumberg

“Y tambien hablan Espanol.”

Roberto Diaz

“Be prepared to work your butt off, but its the real deal. and well worth it ”

Roger Candy