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Digital Video is a project-based curriculum that develops key digital communication skills such as design, project management, research and communication, and video and audio design and production technical skills using Adobe tools. You will need to have either Final Cut or Adobe's Premier Pro. ACTION!

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About the Course

Digital Video could be utilized in video and sound production training or perhaps in more typical profession and technical education. Each task builds on lessons learned earlier and has an instructor guidebook (with learning goals, step-by-step teaching guidelines, assessment rubric, as well as information on position to the Adobe Certified Associate exams) along with a sequence of recreation to instruct pupils. Activities include pupil technical manuals, worksheets, very best process manuals as well as demo assets. Use the whole curriculum, individual tasks, or maybe specific activities to adapt this particular content to the course of yours

Course Content


The Digital Video introduction includes an overview of the curriculum, with a skills matrix, classroom enrichment, and skills overview rubric.

Project 1: Video production basics

In this project, students develop and evaluate effective uses of video-shot techniques and build a video sequence.

Project 2: Action Events

In this project, students shoot an event and then edit their action footage to create a short video, developing an understanding of pre-production, production, and post-production workflows.

Project 3: News Stories

In this project, students work in teams to select a subject, conduct an interview, and report a story. They learn about specific video elements in news stories such as interviews and narration.

Project 4: Public Service Announcements

In this project, students plan, shoot, edit, and produce a public service announcement.

Projects 5 & 8: Portfolios

In this mid-term and final project, students create a portfolio of their work and explore career opportunities in the video and audio production fields.

Project 6: Commercials

In this project, students work with a client to create a commercial that will be deployed on the web.

Project 7: Mini-documentaries

In this project, students work in teams to create a mini-documentary, identifying the theme, audience, and goals for a particular topic.


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