Digital Marketing

Advance that career of yours in digital marketing and find out the most recent innovative digital marketing techniques from industry professionals with this beginner online course. Today's marketers require alternative strategies, tactics, and to be able to connect and compete with consumers and prospects.

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Digital Marketing

About the Course

The Digital Marketing area consists of many tools and channels. Intro Digital Marketing 101 is meant as a survey program covering Seo, Blogs, Paid Search, Email Marketing, Display Advertising, Mobile Marketing, Web and Marketing Social Media Marketing and analytics. Designed as a launch course for career changers, career advancers, and career starters, students are able to look to leave the program with a solid base for the industry.

Course Content

• SEO (Search Engine Marketing)

• PPC (Paid Search & Pay Per Click)

• Blogging

• Email Marketing

• Social Media Marketing

• Display Advertising

• Mobile Marketing

• Capstone


"Digital Marketing is a necessary tool that you can develop into a strong skill set, these guys are for real"

Jamie Poole