Adobe Creative Cloud

Creative Cloud is an Adobe membership model which has Adobe desktop programs, services, and instant access to program updates. Find out the way to set up as well as upgrade Creative Cloud programs, link to Adobe Services and much more, with Creative Cloud tutorials. We will explore the powerhouses as well.

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About the Course

If you'll be making use of the Adobe Creative Cloud uses for making online content and web designs, this introductory program is actually a great starting point. Learn Creative Cloud equipment used for creating sites, web sites, landing pages, along with HTML emails in that introductory overview course. In this Creative Cloud category you will acquire the foundational skills required to begin generating site, web sites, along with other content for using online. This teaching for the Adobe Creative Cloud is actually ideal in case you're a newcomer to Creative Cloud or perhaps are just beginning to make use of the web design capabilities.

Course Content

  • MODULE 1-Creative Cloud and older versions
  • MODULE 2-Role of Photoshop
  • MODULE 3-Role of Illustrator, InDesign
  • MODULE 4-User interface and preferences
  • MODULE 5-Keyboard shortcuts
  • MODULE 6-Creative Cloud libraries
  • MODULE 7-Vector shapes and swatches
  • MODULE 8-Guides and grids
  • MODULE 9-Adobe Stock and Adobe Typekit


“Adobe Creative cloud allows designers to never stop what their doing, so let's blame these guys! ”

Valeria Andrews