The mission behind Academia Makers.

We must promote vocational workshops as an alternative to getting all of your experience primarily at work. Work experience is priceless, but, if you can mix just a bit of educational experience, you'll be golden.

Our Story

Our Story

Academia Makers was built on the idea that everyone deserves an opportunity to get educated.

Is a place where people pursue research, education, scholarships and apprenticeships. Also a part of society, especially universities, that all of this is connected with studying and thinking, or the activity of pursuing a vocational education.

If you have ever enrolled in a school of any kind, have been involved in the institution of academia. Simply put, Academia Makers is the name we give to all things school-related, whether that is the students in those schools, the teachers, the books that have been read and published for educational use, or the culture surrounding these things.

The Mission Behind Academia Makers.

1. Make Education Accessible

Anyone can join our program, straight up, plain and simple, we make vocational education accessible. How do we do it? We integrate all the tools necessary to bring the online classroom to as many student locally, nationally and word wide.

2. Help you Grow

If your dream is being a plumber or being a technologist at scientific facility, or whatever it may be, let us help you grow into the role. All of our certificate holders have had much success at landing very specialized careers.

3. Grow a Community

Our goal is to foster a supportive and open environment where your ideas and intellectual passions are free to grow and flourish until you are ready to change the world

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I was a high school drop out, totally confused as to what the heck I wanted to do with my life. I ended up getting a referral from one of my friends that was going to Academia & Makers. WOW. I learned how to code at the coding bootcamp and never looked back.”

- Daniel Carter, Developer at WordPress


Meet Our Teachers

Our teachers, tutors, and volunteers are extraordinary individuals, we have a specialized pool of instructors ready to go at a moments notice.

All teachers

John Carter

Entrepreneur Studies

John Carter has over 20 years teaching individuals how to run a small business.

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Sophie Moore

Microsoft Guru

Sophie Moore has over 15 years experience teaching Microsoft to all ages.

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Norma Hicks

Digital Marketing

Norma Hicks has over 10 years experience in web design, adobe creative cloud, and digital art.

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