A Virtual Apprenticeship.

Meet Academia & Makers, a virtual vocational training center located online and above the great state of Michigan. We offer students the option of attending our workshops in a virtual classroom setting or, in person with our in-house tutors.


About Academia

We are a vocational institute that believes everyone should be free to follow their dreams. We provide courses that assist you in determining the best career path for you. These courses are perfect for a variety of learners -- from high school students to the recently retired. There is knowledge for everyone, and, there is a solution for everyone!

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About Makers

Makers is your hub to learn tangible skills you can apply directly to your life! Whether you want to make a table using a saw, or record and edit a video for your business or latest project, Makers puts the tools at your fingertips.  Makers are simply those who want to learn by immersing themselves in creative and technical pursuits. We apply tried and true techniques with 21st century skills to help Makers materialize their visions

Academia & Makers

A&M is a project-based learning community where education meets creators, makers and producers. It’s an ideal learning environment for developing the essential skills essential for STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) where individuals see the product of their creation. Academia & Makers is a knowledge and skills learning institute where you have the freedom to learn at your pace. As you learn, apply your newfound skills to make your projects come to life. We offer completion certificates and achievement milestones throughout your learning experience to keep you on track for achievement. You want to learn when you want to, and with A&M you can make a lifetime of learning.

Our Workshops

All of our workshops can be modified or customized to meet specific student needs. If you require a specific customization please contact us.

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Vocational Trades Program

Academia & Makers offers practical, career-focused vocational programs designed to help students enter the workforce in a shorter amount of time than the more traditional approaches would. We offer entry-level certificate programs that concentrate specifically on teaching a particular skill and helping students gain industry-related experience.

$ 5,000.00 USD


Innovation happens everywhere. It's about people solving problems that are real. This workshop in Innovation distills vast amounts of research in psychology, sociology, marketing, strategy, and finance into a practical how-to guide for aspiring and active startup entrepreneurs and corporate innovators.

$ 1,000.00 USD

Digital Marketing

Advance that career of yours in digital marketing and find out the most recent innovative digital marketing techniques from industry professionals with this beginner online course. Today's marketers require alternative strategies, tactics, and to be able to connect and compete with consumers and prospects.

$ 1,000.00 USD

Makers is not only a hock shop where you can go to learn how to use a saw for the afternoon to make a table, or to make a video or even paint but an educational concept as well!Makers are simply those who come to our space to design by immersing into hands-on creativity.  Utilizing 21st century skills are the keys to actually making something. Creativity is sometimes idea generation, it’s sometimes problem-solving.

Choose Your Path

Choose how you would like to learn about Academia & Makers. You can study full or part-time in our local workshop programs, or remotely with our online workshop courses. In person workshops are closed until further notice due to COVID-19.


We are slowly opening our doors for individuals to come to a face to face workshop.

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Part-time allows students to see if they are a good fit for what we are providing. Workshop learning isn't for everyone.

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Our newest feature at AM, we are now enrolling for our online work program. We have many classes to choose from.

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Academia helped me to learn the skills to land my dream job.

“I was a high school drop out, totally confused as to what the heck I wanted to do with my life. I ended up getting a referral from one of my friends that was going to Academia & Makers. WOW. I learned how to code at the coding bootcamp and never looked back.”

Daniel Carter
Developer at WordPress
Our Courses

Why Learning With us?

Our Courses

World-Class Teachers

We attract instructors who are recognized for the quality of work in their fields. Each instructor is vetted by A&M. . Each instructor is waiting to assist you.

Top Notch Courses

All of our courses are designed to help you pursue your life’s mission. Our courses have a huge impact on you, and hopefully that dream job you want.

Global Students Community

We will accept anyone from anywhere who is ready to move forward. We aren't cheap but do provide financial assistance for those that qualify.

One-on-One Mentorship

When you enroll with us, you are given an academic advisor who will be on this tremendous journey with you. All the way.

Learning Center

Discover our endless library, designed for you to maximize your potential.

Great Art Trends That Are Coming Back

Academia Makers is setting the trends for our Art workshop, let's see how our new trends fair.


How to Plan your Week for Ultimate Productivity

With COVID-19 lurching somewhere out there we have all turned to running our businesses out of our homes.


How to Create a Resume for Your First Job

An Applicant Tracking System is a software program that categorizes you before you even start.


Grow your career!
Start learning with Academia Makers.

I was a high school drop out, totally confused as to what the heck I wanted to do with my life. I ended up getting a referral from one of my friends that was going to Academia & Makers. WOW. I learned how to code at the coding bootcamp and never looked back.”

- Daniel Carter, Developer at WordPress


Upcoming Events

As we are a workshop based apprentice program, we do things differently than most. Upcoming events is going to be a hybrid, meaning we will post events that we have online and ones down in our home town of Clarkston, Mi.

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Woodworking Workshop

I firmly believe that adding fundamental hand techniques to your skill set will make you a better woodworker. A woodworker not tied to machine capacity limits, fences, and jigs. Woodworking is simply about working to a line and your hand tools can saw, plane, and chisel to that line with great precision. This workshop is like a virtual apprenticeship. We teach how to use hand tools to build furniture or whatever else you can dream of.

October 23, 2020
10:55 am

How to Start a Business

Learn how to start an online business , in this amazing 2 day workshop. The goal of the event is to educate future entrepreneurs to the ins and out of running an online business. This first step likely sounds like a no brainer. But you’d be surprised how often potential entrepreneurs jump ahead to branding or web development before having a firm idea in place. Here are a few things to consider when sorting out what your new online business will be.

October 30, 2020
11:10 am